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One of my favorite mediums to work with as a canvas is wood. It is quite forgiving if mistakes are made compared to a cotton canvas. I use a high grade acrylic paint and prime with several coats as it absorbs more heavily then the cotton. Curing is about a week and then a unscented water proof varnish is used. Depending on what I am looking for in the finished product, I may use a satin or semi-gloss. The varnish protects the artwork from moisture, dust and UV, plus it also adds to the final stained glass look and appeal. I have tested these outdoors and they do withstand outdoor weather if kept from harsher elements. I have displayed them on my patio, entrance way and inside my green house. I have always adored the look of stained glass and love to create these paintings on the mention wood canvas or  on table tops. Commissions for dining room tables or a favorite loved piece of furniture is also a wonderful project to work on.

Today's piece is titled" Nova Scotia lighthouse" it measures 18''x24'' on a 1.5'' frame, or check out my other pieces in my gallery under Indoor / Outdoor paintings.