Her Painted Canvas
Canadian Contemporary and Abstract artworks made with wood, canvas, and metal

About Me

Welcome to my personal website!
My name is Rachel Olynuk and I am a Canadian Artist, based in Northern Alberta Canada. I create art on different mediums using acrylic colors. I  believe the world is my canvas, from cotton to wood, stone, almost anything.  I grew into my style, I have always painted mosaics onto some sort of canvas , mostly wood and stone. I then began painting silhouettes and discovered my love for colors mixed with the mystery in a silhouette , whereas anyone could fall into this opaque form and dream a little. My hope is to expand an open line of communication from my world to yours through my artworks with whimsical shapes and patterns mixed with silhouettes and figures. I have received so much joy in creating these paintings and want to share them with you.


Thank you for visiting me and have a wonderful day!