Her Painted Canvas
Colorful acrylic paintings that resemble Stained Glass, created on Canvas or wood. Framed, ready to hang and love!

About Me

Welcome to my personal website! My name is Rachel Olynuk and I am a Canadian Artist, residing in Northern Alberta for over ten years. I am a visual artist, creating original paintings using vibrant acrylics colors with Patterns, pointillism and circles. My art has a Mosaic theme with a stained glass appeal. Each piece is first hand drawn, then painted, outlined and then finished with a special unscented water proof art sealant. You can also view my early work, where I began painting silhouettes with beautiful romantic tones and colors. Each piece is a story I share through my canvas, some stories are of my past, present, future or of things that simply have captured my thoughts. I have been quite blessed to be successfully sharing and selling my work internationally with original paintings and prints.
For beautiful and unique wall art for your home,office or business, original paintings on canvas or wood that are framed, ready to hang and love!

Thank you for visiting me.