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(posted on 21 Apr 2019)

I love this painting, it has a stained glass look. I use a special primer on these types of paintings and then I draw the design , add some acrylic paint and finish with an art sealant. The art sealant protects the painting but also adds just the perfect finishing effect for the stained glass them.

Working with a new medium 12 inch vinyl records. I truly loved working on these!! I found some old 12 inch vinyl records at a second hand store, bought some primer paint and then painted them with acrylic colors. After letting the painting cure, I finished it with an unscented acrylic sealer.  I just love them!!

(posted on 2 Nov 2018)

Its hard for me to believe it's November, time seems to go by so fast sometimes. Living in remote part of Northern Alberta Canada there is long summer nights where darkness doesn't creep in until 11 pm and then only lasting until about 4 am. The clear nights are spectacular here with such starry nights, and on cool nights the northern lights are breath taking. This painting belongs in a series I have been working on in 2018. Created using a circle patterns with acrylic colors, inspired by such nights. I love this one!! but truthfully I love all of them :)

A moment in the stillness of a sunset, shared with ever faithful companions.  Feel the color with warm tones, close your eyes and your there... sharing the memory of a ride and rest in Gods country. 

(posted on 15 Oct 2018)

I awoke from my slumber as the night called to me. Steady to my feet the cool air touched my cheeks as the dark wind welcomed me. Gazing up into the starry skies in anticipation with the worlds I could discover if only in a stargazers dream

(posted on 28 Feb 2018)

Continuing with paintings on wood this painting measures 18x24x1.5 inches on pine wood. Growing up I attended A Roman Catholic church and remember fondly the lovely stained glass. Inspiration to work from. Finished with a water proof varnish, this delightful painting would look fabulous anywhere!

One of my favorite mediums to work with as a canvas is wood. It is quite forgiving if mistakes are made compared to a cotton canvas. I use a high grade acrylic paint and prime with several coats as it absorbs more heavily then the cotton. Curing is about a week and then a unscented water proof varnish is used. Depending on what I am looking for in the finished product, I may use a satin or semi-gloss. The varnish protects the artwork from moisture, dust and UV, plus it also adds to the final stained glass look and appeal. I have tested these outdoors and they do withstand outdoor weather if kept from harsher elements. I have displayed them on my patio, entrance way and inside my green house. I have always adored the look of stained glass and love to create these paintings on the mention wood canvas or  on table tops. Commissions for dining room tables or a favorite loved piece of furniture is also a wonderful project to work on.

Today's piece is titled" Nova Scotia lighthouse" it measures 18''x24'' on a 1.5'' frame, or check out my other pieces in my gallery under Indoor / Outdoor paintings.

(posted on 21 Nov 2017)

Tiled" Emilie Floege" Inspired by Gustav Klimt's work. My version was created on a 24x30x1.5 framed gallery wrapped canvas. As with all my work I first draw the image, circles, etc. I then add color, outline and then finish it with a special art sealant. It can take anywhere from several weeks to months to finish a detailed piece such as this one so I usually have a few on the go. I love combining the metallic colors with the blues and reds. Facial features, and hands are out of my comfort zone but I do love a good challenge and love the growth. I am working on a series of Gustav's woman, I hope you enjoy them!


(posted on 14 Nov 2017)

This is one of my newest paintings titled "Peacock Blue". Working on tall canvas' is one of my favorite things to create with. The size of the canvas measures 18x36x1.5 inches on framed gallery wrapped canvas with the sides painted black. As with each painting, I first hand draw everything. Then comes the color and the outlining. It is a long process lasting anywhere to a couple of week to months. The secret to the stained glass look is what I prime my canvas' with, it really makes those colors pop! I paint my sides black to finish the piece but I love the way the black "leaks" or drifts around the canvas from the outlining on the front, it has a really nice flow to it. The colors are rich and deep on this piece and it has a dramatic feel to it. I love it and hope you will too!


(posted on 22 Oct 2017)

What do you do when  wonderful new collector buys 107 pieces of your art?.. Why you make more art!! This new painting titled " Autumn Tapestry" was created on a 16x20x1.5 inch framed gallery wrapped canvas using acrylic colors. Summer is my favorite season but when it comes to color Autumn is number one. Enjoy the season before winter arrives with this delightful piece.


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